Tattoo Festival Berlin; Huxley’s Neue Welt:

Tattoo Festival Berlin, a small gem of a convention taking place in Berlin. With its 70 artists this year, it kept its cozy vibe from previous years, especially with the help of its awesome venue. The venue was a place called Huxley’s Neue Welt, an awesome old rustic concert hall, turned into colorful and awesome convention hall, for the awesome tattoo festival.

Immediately when you go in through the entrance doors, there is a rustic almost majestic feel to the long entrance hallway. Then you go up some winding stairs, and enter the awesome convention hall, with elavated stages, artists everywhere and cool music filling the room along with the sound of tattoo machines.

All in all, this cool venue really tied the whole event together and it was easy to navigate for guests too, making it a calm and relaxed event for everyone.

Yoyo’s and Acoustic Punk:

For the entertainment at the event, two words describe it best; live and cozy. Cozy is indeed the theme here, it is quite awesome and keeping things at a level, where everyone can enjoy it. same goes for the entertainment:

Some of the main attractions, where some cool acoustic music, from various different bands. They played everything from accoustic pop-punk songs, to latin-rhythm and pop hits, and even something akin to gypsy rhythm. the awesome music filled the air and made everyone smile and groove to the music. Even when there were no live performances, there was always awesome music playing over the loudspeakers, anything from hip-hip to rock and roll.

Once again, they succeeded in creating an awesome wipe, a wipe that everyone could get into and enjoy. Keeping there cool theme, of creating a cool, entertaining, yet manageable convention for people to enjoy.

A Smaller German Convention:

Indeed, creating a convention as awesome yet much smaller and different, from the summer convention in Berlin, seems to have been part of the goal. If so, they succeeded in the best way possible. This was not an international convention, but a local convention for German artists to show off what they do best. It was a calm, small, local convention, which as said earlier; everyone could get into.


No matter whether you are covered head to toe in tattoos or a completely newbie, this convention was awesome and you could feel comfortable. The artists were all top-class and skilled, yet also very friendly and welcoming towards the guests.

The smaller size of the convention also made sure, that everyone had something to do, with plenty of clients for everyone. Yet they were not so busy, that they couldn’t enjoy the convention themselves, everyone had time to go around and hang with friends and other tattoo artists.

Frank Weber; Convention King of Berlin:

Frank Weber (pictured above) is the legendary German Tattooer, behind this little gem of a convention. He already hosts the world famous Berlin Tattoo Convention in August. But since 7 years ago, he also started hosting Tattoo Festival Berlin, in December.
We sat down and interviewed him, which you will be able to see on our YouTube page soon.

If the Tattoo Festival can be seen as a warm up to the summer convention, then it is a promise of great things. Weber works tirelessly, to make sure both conventions go off smoothly and are great hits. He definitely succeeded with his vision at the Tattoo Festival, creating a cozy convention. A convention where especially German tattoo artists, could get to know each other, get a chance to get into the international scene, and get a feel for conventions.

Weber might be 58. But we hope he keeps up the good work and that he will give us many more great conventions, in the years to come.

Final Comments:

MediaZink had a blast at this convention, as we are sure all the guests did too. If you are looking for a smaller more calm and cozy convention, that takes place in one of the best cities in the world. Then this one is one you cannot afford to miss. We are certainly happy we didn’t miss out on it.

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