Szczecin Tattoo Convention 2019

70 portraits


The IVth edition of Szczecin Tattoo Convention took place on the first weekend of October 2019 in Netto Arena. Szczecin Tattoo Convention is the biggest festival of tattoo art in Western Pomerania. Several dozen of artists from Poland, Germany, the UK, Ukraine, Italy, Ireland and Scotland worked for two days in almost 100 exhibition stands.



Tattoo artists presented their works in 11 categories. Only two categories were for already healed tattoos. The other nine were for the works that were made during the convention.

It was the second time when organizers of the Szczecin Tattoo Convention used an app that was created by them. Its name is Convention mApp and it is dedicated to artists and visitors. What advantages does it bring?

  • possibility to sign up for a contest without leaving your stand
  • contact an organizer or an infobox
  • inform the visitors about available tattoo designs

This app also contains a map for visitors, that shows all the exhibitors’ locations. Thanks to this app can also redirect to their profiles, inform about upcoming contests and performances. It is possible to vote by using it.

We can definitely say that it is a big help for all the users including artists, organizers and visitors. Other tattoo convention organizers can also use the Szczecin Tatoo Convention app.


During the Szczecin Tattoo Convention 2019, visitors had the opportunity to take part in many attractions prepared by the organizers. On the stage, except for the best tattoo competitions, many amazing artists gave their show. Everyone under the stage was impressed. We could admire concerts, dance shows, fire shows, acrobatics shows and much more!

There was so much of it that we would love to prepare another post for you, devoted only to the attractions that the Szczecin Tattoo Convention gave us. In the meantime, we invite you to view the gallery with portraits of tattooists, their clients and visitors to this amazing event! We hope you like it. Enjoy!



To sum up, I can definitely invite everyone to take part in this event. As always I’m super happy when I’m back to Netto Arena. I’m sure you will love this place as I do. You will have the chance to visit this beautiful city and convention area in 2021. I will be waiting for you with my camera lens.


All photos were taken by Kamila Burzymowska.


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