Warsaw Tattoo Convention 2019

12th – 13th of October, in a quite unique scenery as for the tattoo convention the 7th edition of the Warsaw Tattoo Convention was held in Warsaw. As from the very beginning organizers of the event invite their guests to the premises of the local team’s stadium, more precisely speaking, to its conference part. Warsaw Tattoo Convention is one of the few polish events with an international dimension. Next to the leading representatives of polish tattoo scene guests from abroad performs tattoos, which this year overcame Taiwanese the longest way, with the master Hori Hui at the forefront. On a final note, organizers gathered more than three hundred working on a fantastic level, very heterogenous tattoo artists.

Two Warsaw tattoo studios with a very long tradition are responsible for the organization of this event: Juniorink – The Worst Studio In the City and Azazel. The first of them has been working since 2005. Aside from well recognizable and reputable in this business – Sebastian „Junior” you can meet there a lot of great, award-winning artists. In addition, one of the studio’s managers became acquainted with the role of anchor-man and manages the scene not only during Warsaw convention but also other national events.

The second founder of the Warsaw Tattoo Convention concept is Dominik Parura, who has been present in the business for years, an owner of the Azazel studio in Milanówek, nearby Warsaw, which for 20 years of existence has strongly fitted in the awareness of tattoo fans from all over Poland. Today, under the Azazel label 5 studios has been running, including 3 in Warsaw and one in Edinburgh.

Besides, for many years around the event gathered a lot of people who bring in their unique contribution. You cannot fail to mention the anthropologist, an employee of the Asia-Pacific Museum, Tomasz Madej, who apart from the annual lecture for adults performs also fantastic, extremely popular workshops for children.

This year using different techniques kids tattooed a traditional rose from Borneo on the artificial leather! You can also always count on Karolina Czaja from the Primitive Tattoo studio, who is in charge of the ethnic tattoo zone and gather in to Warsaw fantastic guests. You couldn’t pass indifferently by the great ornaments made by Żaneta Reliszko (IG: @historicaltattoo).

The mission of the Warsaw Tattoo Convention is to integrate tattoo industry, promote artistic side of tattoo and education of people, who just start to delve into the topic. Here is the place where less initiated can take a closer look at how tattoo artist work looks like from scratch, learn about the designing of pattern process, transferring design to the body and solidify on the skin. The scene is also teeming with life on which aside form contests for the best tattoos also music concerts are being performed, stage artist shows and painting various objects – from shoes to skimboards.

Are you interested in who visited the 7th edition of the Warsaw Tattoo Convention? Watch our album below!

All photos during Warsaw Tattoo Convention were taken by Kamila Burzymowska.

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