4th of July; Independence Tattoos:

4th of July is only 2 days away. A historic day for the world but especially for the USA, celebrating their independence day. A time for the country to come together, across all colors, creeds and political affiliations and celebrate, what makes the USA such a great country.

For some people, celebrating only on the 4th of July is just the start. Some patriotic ink to celebrate the day and commemorate their love for their nation, might be just the thing to push it that inch further. Adding the inked up cherry on top, their is much to choose from. Anything from the Stars and Stripes, to the good old trusty Bald Eagle, are sure to fire up most patriotic hearts.

All we can say is the following: Make sure that not only is your tattoo patriotic. But that it is also something that means something to you and is personal. Your body is your country too (so to speak). So make sure your love of the USA fits together with your body. Also, get the tattoo before you get too drunk, wouldn’t want such a cool tattoo to get fucked up right?

Final Comment:

with our little piece of advice given all we can say is a premature happy 4th of July, to our American fans. We hope you will continue to love what we do and we hope you have an awesome 4th of July this year. Get inked up, celebrate with your family and friends, have a great time filled with love and pride.

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