White tattoos are a trend that has come to us over time and has captured the hearts of many people from around the world. It has its supporters but also opponents. There are tattoo artists who undertake to tattoo this type of tattoo but many artists refuse to do it. Why is the subject of white tattoos so controversial?


One of the reasons is that a white tattoo is never really white, because many times tattooists add different colors to it to keep its pigmentation strong enough. Therefore, even on the day you do it, it won’t be white. What’s more, it will change its color over time. And this replacement will be visible much faster than compared to other colors. You must be aware that you will correct such a tattoo more often than any other if you do not want it to be yellow or completely fade away.


Secondly, you have to remember that white ink will never look the same on all skin types. It will look better on some and worse on others. Your skin color determines how visible your future white tattoo will be. It turns out many times that on very fair skin such a tattoo will never survive.


Another important thing to mention is that many times such tattoos on light skin look like scars. Are you wondering why this is happening? This is because the skin in which the white ink was delivered swells more than when a different color of ink is embedded in it. This is because more ink needs to be applied to make it visible. Moreover, the ink is placed approximately 2 mm from the skin surface. That is why the design of your future tattoo is so important that it does not look like a white spot.


And here comes the problem that not every pattern can be made with white ink. In this case it is important that the easier the design is, the better it will look. In this and many other cases, you must fully trust the tattoo artist. Tattoo artist will tell you which design will look best based on your references.


Often the best use of white ink is to add it to a black or colored tattoo. White ink is better for highlighting rather than outlining, and due to its thickness, it’s hard to get clean lines. Despite our examples of white tattoos, remember that usually the photos of tattoos you see on the internet are taken straight after the procedure. Photos are also edited many times. Use your judgment and keep in mind that your tattoo changes over time, choose wisely.


However, if you decide to get a white tattoo, remember that the most important thing is that you go to a professional tattoo artist. As with any tattoo, we recommend that you go to proven and good tattoo artists, in this case, it is extremely important. White tattoos require experience and knowledge in this field. Therefore, if you want the tattoo you do to please your eye, go to the right place and take care of it properly.