Rick Genest (“Rico”) will challenge your sensibilities about what you accept to be pleasing to eyes. At his center he is a chiaroscuro of both light and dull—part tender warrior, part mutinous shrewd dodger, and he has fortunately turned into the “it” muse for any individual who puts stock in a daring new world without judgment.

His tattoos have just as charmed and roused a faction taking after—more than 125,000 adherents on Twitter and 600,000 on Face book. He has started unrest with fans that see past the instinctive and need to know all that they can about the puzzling entertainer, model and dream known as ‘Zombie Boy.’

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Zombie Boy experienced childhood in a regular workers family in Chateauguay Quebec, and is the most established of two siblings. He got his first tattoo (a skull and crossbones) at age 16 to his left side shoulder, starting an interest profound inside of him for the work of art. In the wake of graduating secondary school, Rico left home at 17 and drenched himself in the underground punk rock scene in Montreal, and was started into the road society of tattoos, piercings, music and DIY design. He made due by turning into a “squeegee child” and living in relinquished structures with his new group of companions who gave him the moniker ‘Zombie Boy.’


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By 19 he was focused on his full body tattoo extend and stayed faithful to Montreal craftsman Frank Lewis, who inked the greater part of his body throughout the following six years taking after Rico’s visionary. Eighty percent of his body is secured, including multifaceted outlines of a whole skeleton (skull included) and is specifically, the delineation of a body deteriorating—complete with substance eating bugs. To date Rico has spent near $20,000 on tattooing his body and will proceed until his woven artwork is done to his desires.


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