Yulia Brodskaya; Putting Origami to Shame:

Yulia Brodskaya has taken the internet by storm, with her paper art. Yes, paper art. Now some of you might immediately think of the art of origami. Tha Japanese art of folding paper into different shapes. It argueably requires quite some skill and finger dexterity. But despite this fact, what Yulia does puts it completely to shame. It is absolutely incredible what she can do with paper.

Yulia takes different colors of paper, and through cutting and weaving the paper in long strips, she gets the building blocks for her art. Then she puts it all together, folding and stacking the pieces just right, creating her art. It sounds bonkers, but it is beauty to behold. She creates art reminiscent of impressionistic paintings. it is as if the painting comes to lie, it almost shines on its own, despite it just being normal colored paper.

She has created quite the incredible portraits of people. Without even realizing it, she even utilized a technique similar to quilling, while weaving some of the paper strips. However she goes beyond quilling, using her imagination in the way she uses the paper. The art truly speaks for itself, so please watch the video below.

Final Comment:

Yulia Brodskaya shows us just how far human imagination can go. Using something as mundane as paper, to create something so spectacular. It is mind blowing how she creates such art out of paper. Hopefully more people will be inspired by her, so that we will see even more incredible and crazy art in the future.

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