Your Skin; Tattooing and Different Skin Types:

Your Skin; Tattooing and Different Skin Types:
May 24
17:47 2018

Your Skin; Different Skin Different Techniques:

Your skin, it is your best friend and whether you choose to tattoo it or not, it is like no one else’s. We all have different skin colors, different skin types, perhaps you even have conditions affecting your skin. Some people don’t think twice about their skin type, before they go under the needle for a tattoo. But the color, type and possible condition of your skin, plays a bigger factor than you may think.

For example, when it comes to the inks, different skin colors show ink in different ways. One shade of blue that may show very clearly and vividly, might not show so well on a darker skin tone. It’s the same principle, as how tattoo colors often seem distorted when white people tan. Indeed there are also concerns often, when you might have some skin that are really dry or that bruises easily, in regards to both aftercare and the tattoo process. Another example is if you suffer from something like psoriasis, or other conditions that affect your skin. It may be wise to look into how it may affect your tattoo.

Some tattoo artists are really great with these variables. Some have plenty of experience with different skin colors and types, and they know just what to do to create the perfect tattoo, fitting the wearers skin. Others are so good they can make vivid colors pop, on just about any skin. Others are also very inqusitive, and they will look into what is the best cause of action, if a client suffers from any skin related conditions.

Final Comment:

It is indeed your skin and it deserves the best. The kind of tattoo artists who are helpful and take your skin into account, are more than worth the extra time, you may spent searching for them. It is your skin and your tattoo should suit it, it all helps you to love your tattoo and your skin that much more.

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