World War 2; A Horrible Time!

World War 2, we here at Mediazink already know, that we do not need to tell our readers, how horrible a time the second world war was. Nor do we need to tell you guys, that it was full of horrible people. We just want to make it clear, that we won’t try to change what people think of the war.

Winston Churchill

The war was an atrocious time, where millions of people died. We remember 4 men more than anyone else, from this horrible time in history. Churchill, Roosevelt, Stalin and Hitler. We are not going to change peoples opinions on these people, especially the horrible acts committed by Stalin and especially Hitler. However, we might know something you didn’t know.

Teddy Roosevelt

Tattoos On All Fronts:

What many people didn’t know, is that these men had a few tattoos among them. It is not like they were covered in tattoos or have several ones. Their tattoos are easily hidden, is people would of course have noticed. But they are non the less there.

Joseph Stalin

The tattoos that have been fully documented, is an anchor on Churchill’s left arm, Roosevelt’s had his family crest tattooed and Stalin had a skull tattooed. Not much is known of the reasons behind these tattoos, so you readers might have to do some research yourself on that. But interestingly, the tattoos are known to be real, and rumours would have it, that Stalin wasn’t the only one with a skull. Hitler too, is rumored to have had a skull tattoo, that became the stencil for the skull worn by SS officers during the war.

Adolph Hitler

Final Comments:

It is fascinating to think of the things tattoos have survived and gone through int he world. As well as thinking about what people wore them, throughout history. We will continue to enlighten you guys about this in this series.
Hopefully it will be food for thought for you guys, so please stay tuned.

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