Maarten Hesselt Van Dinter and His Mission:

The World Of tattoo, was conceived by Maarten and took him 8 years to put together. He has poured everything he had into creating the best history book about tattoos, ever to be created. He lost his girlfriend at the time during this project, he changed studies and sacrificed a lot more. All in order to devote himself to this project full time.

All because he felt it was imperative, that the world knew more about the history of tattoos. A history he himself is clearly fascinated with and wants to bring to light. talking about every geographical section of the world, and its history with tattoos in turn. This Dutch author and researcher, has created an incredible book, for anyone wanting to know about the history of tattoos.

Maarten Hesselt Van Dinter; The Author

From Europe To the Artic and All Around the World:

Indeed, every single chapter in “The World Of Tattoo”, concentrates on another part of the world. Going into as much detail as it can, before it lets you move on to the next part of the world. It effectively takes you on a tattoo journey around the world, and it’s colorful past.

One of the best moments in the entire book, can be found in the foreword actually. It is where Maarten mentions, that even Charles Darwin himself, has proclaimed when he was alive; that every society on our planet, has had tattoos and body-art as part of their culture.

But the book does not let up there and explain everything from aristocrats and royals that wore tattoos in Europe, to how the Somoans used tattoos for mana even how the Yakuza came to have their tattoo tradition in Japan.
This book is truly comprehensive and is highly recommended for anyone wanting to brush up on their tattoo history.

English Cover

Final Comments:

The book should be easy enough to find on Amazon or the like, however should you be lucky to find it at your local library. We urge you to rush down and borrow it from there. You will not be able to let this book go, and it will make you the annoying person among your friends, who can bring up facts about all tattoo cultures.
Which is an added bonus.

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