Body art is a type of performance art where the artists basically abuse their own bodies to share their ideas or thoughts. Body art includes tattoos, full body tattoos, body piercing, body painting and scarification. The origins of body art started from New York and France in mid-20th century.

The body artists paint themselves into something they are not and they give an impression of being something else. At times they convert themselves into a chameleon whereas at times they convert their bodies into a statue. High quality makeup is used by the artists to change their bodies into something that entirely different. A lot of versatility has been observed in the word of body art. An annual festival for body art is held in Austria.

In the past some extreme cases of body art have been observed. For instance Marina Abramovic is one of the most famous body art artists and some of her pieces were quite extreme. In one of her work she danced until she collapsed. Another famous artist named Dennis Oppenheim went through sunburn in order to create impressions over his body. Once he placed a book on himself in order to create an impression in him and let rest of the body get sunburnt.

In the world of body art there are some masterpieces that have left a mark in the world and have gained enough fame.

This is a work by an amazing Japanese artist named Hikaru Cho

It is a perfect illustration of implanting a robotic realism into the body art. This piece might seem unsettling to some people but it is a perfect blend of screws, stitching and zippers.

Hakura Cho 03
Photo: Hikaru Cho

This is a picture of body art with an illustration of a female head with n eye in front of her face. The artist combined different shades illustrating the face. It is an optical illusion. The world of body is art is very different and unique. It is filled with colors and innovation.

Photo: Hikaru Cho