The Witcher 3; Game of the Year 2015:

The Witcher 3, the 3rd installment in the long running and very popular Witcher series. All of the video-games are based on a Polish novel of the same name, by author Andrzej Sapkowski. The main premise of the game, is that you play a Witcher. A monster hunter with a mutated body and special abilities.

The Witcher you play is Geralt, the white wolf. A man who had previously lost his memory, which he regains (spoiler alert) in the second game, forming part of the premise for the 3rd game. Geralt goes on the search for his foster daughter Ciri, who has been caught up in some rather cataclismic trouble in the 3rd game.

Without going more into the story, part of the reason this game became as popular as it was. It was because of the expansive world you got to explore. The deep and enticing characters you would meet, and the many quests to undertake, in any way you wished. You could either go in swinging your swords willy nilly, or plan how to take a monster down with traps and potions etc.

Action, Adventure and Lots of Tattoos:

A thing that perhaps only the biggest fans of the series may have noticed, is how prominent tattoos are in the series.
Throughout all 3 games, there are lots of characters with tattoos. Many of the characters even have face and hand tattoos etc. Especially in the 3rd game, we see every other individual you meet, being covered in tattoos.

Many of the tattoos you see, seem to have been quite well researched, as they seem to hold true to how tattoos looked, in the middle ages. Despite how the Witcher series takes place in a fantasy realm, this is still a cool and interesting touch. Especially with some of the more in depth characters, more important to the story, their tattoos often fit the characters story and personality.

Indeed if you ask us here at Mediazink, the cool stuff they did with tattoos in this videogame, is yet another reason to love this game. It adds a cool layer and depth to the game, even a slight realism to their fantasy medieval society.
As tattoos were quite prominent in real medieval times as well.

Final Comment:

Whether you are crazy about tattoos or not, this game is worth picking up, even 2 years after it came out. But it is fascinating to see, a game series where tattoos are displayed to such a degree. But it is becoming more and more common in video-games today, to see tattoos on characters, even the main ones. However, there has yet to be a game, with quite as many tattoos as the Witcher 3.

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