Here we have an exclusive interview with the winners in Budapest.
Erik & Eszter from Hungary.

1. What is your hometown/current location? …

We live in Budapest, but we travel quite lot around the world, because we work as guest artists in different tattoo studios.

2. How many years have you been in the tattoo industry? …

Erik started tattooing 8-9 years ago, I (Eszter) circa 6-7 years ago.

3. What made you realize that tattooing would be a good career for you? …

Both used to draw/paint a lot in our childhood, so we had known we would like to work as an artists when we grew up:) Tattooing gives a lot of freedom to us, in every part of our life and this was really likeable for us, that’s why we choose this “lifestyle”.

4. Do you see yourself tattooing for the rest of your life? …

Definitely, tattooing is an important part of our lives already, i think if it would be up to us, we would never quit completely. We have to accept, after an older age it will be more difficult to make tattoos, because of this we have other plans for the future.

5. Who do you look up to as your role models? …

When we were younger, we had a lot of role models, but we realized, we can and should learn from everybody. For example when we are on guest spot on abroad, we meet a lot of great tattoo artists from different countries, and all of them show us something new, for example interesting techniques, which we didn’t know. We think everybody can motivate you and you can learn from everybody, it doesn’t matter he/she is a really or not so well known tattoo artist.


6. What effect or influence do you hope to have on the tattoo industry? …

Of course we are really happy and means a big honor for us, if we get a lot of positive feedback to our works, but we don’t want to have any influence, it’s more then enough if our costumer is satisfied with the work what we made:)

7. Are you happy as were you stand as a tattoo artist? …

We are really thankful for everything, what we got from life as tattoo artists, but when we look at our works, we should never be 100% satisfied, we always have to keep learning. So we are satisfied and censorious at the same time:)

8. Does it make you lose focus, if the customer talks while you are tattooing them? Or annoy you? …

Since we got the chance to buy a really good headphone, it’s not a problem anymore! :))

9. Please share any other hobbies, sports, or passions that are a part of your life. …

Erik- My big passions (beyond tattooing) are the old timer muscle cars, motorcycle riding. Besides this a few month ago i started to learn sport shooting.
Eszter- After Erik’s answer i realized how boring person i am…:))

10. Have you ever had any TV exposure, or media involvement? I.e. magazines, events : …

Erik had already some interviews with different magazines, and our works also appeared in them.

11. Tell us a little about the shop and the other that work there? …

A few years ago we opened a big studio in Budapest, but as we said already, we travel a lot around the world to work as guest artists, because of that unfortunately we didn’t have enough time for our own studio, so finally we had to close it.. Nowadays mostly we work abroad.

12. Tell us any future plans you have for your career or life in general. …

We would like to spend more time with our family, friends and create a calmer lifestyle. When we will be older, we really would like to have a nice house in a small village, close to the nature.

13. List any other influences on you or your art. I.e. other art forms, music, people : …

We can’t tell any exact thing unfortunately. sometimes the inspiration comes from the most various way, it can be anything, a song, a painting or a movie etc.

Tell us how it feels when your name was called up in the speakers. …

When we prepared the plan for the tattoo, we decided to try out a new composition, what we have never done before. Instead of winning, that was the biggest motivation for us, to create something what is new for us, but of course we were really really happy that the jury appreciated our effort!

Name: Erik Adamik & Eszter Karády

Age: Erik-29 & Eszter-28
Country: Hungary
City: Budapest


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