Hi everyone, it’s been a while, I have been silent and not posting much, neither on Mediazink nor on my blog.
So I thought it would only be right to account for what has happened, since it has been more than 2 weeks.

Well first of all, I went with the rest of my awesome colleagues, to 50 Shades of Ink in Helsingborg, Sweden.
Where we all worked our asses off, to make sure everyone had one hell of a convention. From my own experience, as well as the many people telling us thanks in the days afterwards, I would say we succeeded and that 50 Shades of Ink Sweden nr. 4 was a great success. Me and my colleague Sara-Melanie, also went around interviewing lots of cool artists, among other people, at the convention, which I will be writing loads of reviews from for Mediazink this week and the weeks to come. So keep your eyes peeled for awesome stuff in the different nationalities sections, news and more. Hopefully there will also be a video up, of my first tattoo-related seminar/talk/lecture ever given, at 50 Shades of Ink Sweden 2017, as soon as possible.

So after I got back from Sweden, I flew off to England almost immediately after, not on any official Mediazink business. However this might still be interesting to you guys, as I was off to a conference called ‘Talking Bodies’, where I myself, as well as many other different academics from a lot of different fields, gave talks on their research. So of course, I gave a 20 minute talk regarding tattoos. It all went very well and I will be looking forward, to keep working on my academic research as well, which will feed into my Mediazink work. 

So keeping all that in mind, I want to remind you guys, to keep your eyes peeled in the weeks to come.
As there will be loads of exciting content coming your way!

All the best from your favorite tattoo sociologist

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Now stay awesome people!