If you want to find the finest Japanese style tattoos Germany can give you, Meet Wendy Pham, Australian-born, Germany-based, and Japanese-influenced tattoo artist who is one of the finest tattoo artists you can find in the Japanese style tattoo scene of Europe. Her modern Japanese style is influenced by the cartoons of her early life.

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Photo Wendy Pham:

Born and raised in Australia, Wendy spent two years working with her friend and fellow tattoo artist Matthew Gordon before they decided to open a studio for themselves. The result is the Taiko Gallery, an enormously popular place for the tattoo community in Berlin. Everyday brings new challenges and the artists at Taiko Gallery always prove themselves up to par.

Wendy has described her style as one that is difficult to put into words, but her customers are quick to point out the similarities to traditional Japanese design. It is an influence that she acknowledges readily. She maintains that most likely her style originated from the binges of 1980s cartoons that filled her childhood. Wendy Pham, is a Berlin-based tattoo artist with a penchant for the illustrative and imaginative and mostly everything weird that comes out of her head.