My name is Marcus Andersson and this will be my blog here at I´m just going to upload tattoo related stuff on this blog and from my personal veiw. I will upload my own tattoo stories, my favorite tattoo artists, updates from conventions and stuff like that. I hope you will like it.

I get very emotional when I think about my own “tattoo story” and how important it is even if I am not a tattoo artist.

It all started when I was really young and back then, my dad worked as a tattoo artist at a local shop and I remember myself hanging out in the shop when I was around 5 years old. I got my first tattoo 2007 (I was 17) and my dad was the artist, we did a “big” koifish in color on my right calf. I started my left sleeve 2009 (I was 19) and that same year I started to visit tattoo conventions by myself and I got totally hooked on tattoos!

2011, I started what I tought was my dream and became a tattoo apprentice, but I didn´t enjoyed ít so I decided to quit. Some time after that I helped an old friend to build his new tattoo shop in Helsingborg, Sweden and after that I helped Z Tattoo Magazine with social media stuff for a short time.

A long the way I have helped a couple of tattooers with their social media pages but after that I started to help out with 50 Shades Of Ink Tattoo Expo in Sweden. I got more and more responsibility with 50 Shades Of Ink Tattoo Expo and I´m  happy to tell you that since last year, I am a member of the team organizing it. Except being with 50 Shades Of Ink I also travel with MediaZink to conventions as a photographer. I have also been a shop manager at a tattoo shop, but not anymore.

and it is because of that world I have amazing friends from all over the world. My main goal in life is to be totally covered up with amazing Neo Traditional and Traditional work from artists I like and from friends that are tattooing. It has not been easy for me to get this much tattoos when I have been unemployed almost my entire adult life. It has been a lot of saving money and eating noodles seven days a week but hey, It´s worth it!

Some people are traveling the world, I get tattooed!

Welcome to my blog and feel free to follow me on Instagram @ InkAndReality