Mediazink want to thank all our fans who did the nominations for the Christmas Calendar
which was shown on Facebook and Instagram.
Also a huge thank you to all the artists who participated.
Last but not least also a huge thanks to My Tattoo Inc. for sponsoring the Calendar with cool prizes.

More than 106.000 people did see the 25 days through December on the 2 Social Media accounts.
So it was important for us that the Calendar was easy to work in and for the people
to vote/like on their favorite artist.
Because Mediazink has no interest to collect data, so no one had to register and give us their emails etc.
like many normally does in these kinds of competitions.

We have the winner in place
Number 1 and 3 had most reach in total when we looked at the numbers today, but we have
to remind that it was the first 24 hours who counted so all artists had a fair chance to win the title.

Today we will announce the artists who did 6th – 10th place.
The 31st of December we announce the Winner ( Artist of the Year) and down to 5th place.

Prizes for top 10
All top 10 will have a picture of their work in My Tattoo Inc. issue 2 or 3.
Top 5 will have an artist feature + gallery on

The Winner will have a very spec. feature at and also placed at the country ink section as well
( Here we talk about a view number of minimum 150K the first month) +
a full page in My Tattoo Inc – Issue 2 that will be launched in Milano Tattoo Convention
7th of February 2020.
(The first issue of My Tattoo Inc. was seen by more than 60K on

Many thanks
Mediazink Team behind the Christmas Calendar.

Here is the 6 first announcements!

Number 6
from Denmark is Dan Palmer – 161 Points

Number 7
from Sweden is Annica – 135 Points

Number 8
from Russia is Suvorov Vasilii – 120 Points

Number 9
from Denmark is Kevin Houg – 71 Points

Number 10
from USA is Reese Hilburn – 61 Points