Voodoo Lounge Copenhagen; A Place for Rock, Metal and Tattoos.

Voodoo Lounge Copenhagen; A Place for Rock, Metal and Tattoos.
August 01
13:19 2017

If You Are Ever in Copenhagen and Need to Quench your First:

Voodoo Lounge might be the place for you, if you like us here at Mediazink like a good cold beer and some good old rock and metal music. Indeed this hidden gem of a bar is placed right in the city center of Copenhagen (details at the end of the review). where it is neatly placed in a basement. But don’t let that scare you off, not that we can see how it would. It just adds to the awesome rock and metal atmosphere inside the place.

The bar boasts awesome staff, all of them friendly and sporting the same uniform of a black top or shirt, with red suspenders and black trousers. Which to be fair, looks really awesome and would make most people look good.
But other than great bartenders, who are always up to help you either have a chilled out drinking session or a rad party. The place also boasts awesome refrigerated pint glasses, for your beers, as well as a wide selection of spirits for your pleasure.

The Atmosphere:

To be honest, the most suprising thing about Voodoo Lounge, is that despite being a rock and metal bar. On most evenings, the music is still only loud enough, that you get the right kind of vibrations from it and can hear it clearly. But only so loud, that you can still have a great conversation with your mates or whomever you meet down there, without destroying your voice.

Other than that, the dim lights and the awesome pictures on the walls, such as skull made out of dollar bills and portrait of Lemmy Kilmister. Along with chains in the windows, Voodoo Dolls all over the place. As well as a picture of King Frederik the 9th of Denmark (known as the tattooed sailor king). All add up to the awesome rock and roll atmosphere down there, but at the same time it all feels cozy and chilled when you are there in the week day evenings. It is an awesome atmosphere that would make most people feel right at home.

But don’t worry, in the late hours, the place is always ready for a good party. With a cool jukebox, awesome dj’s, lots of theme nights (the place is famous for its pirate parties). As well as loads of seating space, where you and your friends can get shitfaced while enjoying some drinking games, or just headbanging and dancing to the awesome music.

A Place for Everyone Who Wants to Come:

See a problem with the nightlife in Copenhagen for tattooed people, as well as in other cities, is that a lot of places bar people with lots of tattoos from entry. But that could not be anymore different at Voodoo Lounge. They wouldn’t discriminate anybody that wants to come drink there, as long as they are friendly and behave themselves.
Especially people with tattoos, are more than welcome, no matter how many tattoos they have or where they are placed. You are more likely to sit next to a man with face tattoos at the bar, than to see him be denied entry.

This is what makes the place so awesome for tattooed people, not only is the bar great, but you do not have to hide your artwork while you are there. There isn’t even a dresscode at the place, whether you want to be there in a tanktop and shorts, showing off your ink for all to see. Or meet up in a victorian style suit, should that tickle your fancy. That is all up to you, they will cater to all, who are nice and looking to have a great night. Doesn’t matter what style you have or how many tattoos or piercings. If you can deal with the style of the place, and the metal and rock music, then you are welcome there.

Final Comments:

Indeed we here at Mediazink could not recommend it enough and at least one of our staffers, comes there fairly often. So if you are in Copenhagen and would like to have a great time with awesome music whilst having your tattoos on display. Then you should definitely check out this awesome bar!

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Mads W. K. Masters of science in Sociology (Cand. Scient. Soc.), from the University of Copenhagen, who specializes in embodiment sociology, but especially in tattoos and tattoo culture etc.

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