Victorian Tattoos; A Short Look Into The Past:

Victorian Tattoos, or more precisely tattoos from the Victorian age. Mostly they aren’t thought about as the beautiful works of art we see today. The few drawings and photo’s we can see from those days, are more often than not of criminals with very ugly tattoos.

However, with one Victorian age tattoo artist, that was not the case. Photos have surfaced of the work of one Sutherland Macdonald. Not only is his work of quite some remarkable skill level, but he could also have been said, to be one of Britain’s first tattoo artists (read more). The pictures of his work, also show us how some people in his time, had quite the love for tattoos, just like today.

But his tattoos are also quite beautiful, especially considering the limited technology of the time. They even show influences from far away places. Even Asian images feature in his tattoo work, which might have been influenced by Britain’s trade with Asia and colonies there.

Final Comment:

All in all the Victorian Tattoos of mr. Macdonald, are very fascinating and quite intriguing to look at. Showing us another facet of tattoos at that point in time. As well as showing us another type of collectors, as his tattoos don’t all seem to be worn, by sailors and criminals. Historians would perhaps know more.

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