Vanilla Ice Project

Vanilla Ice was featured on a recently cover (Late November 2019) in an online magazine, My Tattoo Inc.
Mediazink bring here the story to our readers.

My Tattoo Inc. 1st edition-VanillaIce-Frotcover

I like that people don’t judge you anymore because of your tattoos.
Earlier on it was more a subculture but today it´s complete different.

The tattoos and ink has improved a lot over the years, also because of Mario Barth indeed when we speak about ink and colors.
Machines and techniques are also an important part of the development.
It´s fantastic to see what all the new artists are capable to create.

Vanilla Ice - Tattoos

Tattoo Conventions
My Tattoo Inc:
Our magazine has from the start decided to focus a big deal on the conventions around the World.
How much have you been doing tattoo conventions in the past and do you get something out of visiting and working a show like that ?

Vanilla Ice:
I love to attend these tattoo conventions and I remember I did one some years ago with my friend Gene Simmons in New York.
We did some trophy delivery regarding some competitions and in the evening I got people to dance.
Also the conventions made by Mario in the United States are fantastic.
I remember that I visited Liverpool and my girlfriend and I got a couple of nice small tattoos.

Hooked On Ink
Vanilla Ice like to decorate so it was natural to be involved in the design when he got his tattoos.
Many of the tattoos is made by my friend Mario Barth and actually I got the change to do a tattoo on Mario, it was a horseshoe says the man who love the color tattoos and Mario has tested a lot of colors on me. (Mario is the founder of the World famous colors, named Intenze).

Hooked on Ink

Vanilla Ice got his first tattoo “VIP” when he was 16 years old.
He got it done together with a friend when they where chasing the girls in the mall, playing the huge ghetto blasters and performed break danced. They did get some good money for it and quickly became very popular in town.

Future plans about getting more ink.
I will definitely have more ink in the future, but I don’t have so much space, but yes, more ink for me.

Vanilla Ice Project