The renowned tattooing artist of United Kingdom grew up in Scotland, but has lived and worked in London for the last five years. She’s known for doing the most awe inspiring “lady heads” in the world. Valerie has only been seriously tattooing since 2007, her work being proof that talent and hard work will never fail you. With almost 9 years of professional tattooing in her experience, Valerie thrives in her own style. Even though Rooted in tradition, she puts her own mark on classic designs to mold themselves to her style.

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Photo Valerie Vargas:

When she was doing her apprenticeship she kookedtraditional into traditional stuff, heavy black outlines, black shading with great enthusiasm. With a superb grasp on the classic American style, Vargas has added her own unique touch to all the pieces she has executed. With clean lines, whimsical strokes, and bursts of color, each tattoo has the “VV touch” as it Is known. She is well-known for the female profiles and faces she creates, and her owl designs are among the best and mostt colorful. She has always prefered to stick to her established formula of strong, colourful designs but is usually happy to work on smaller pieces between appointments when time allows.

Afterr inspecting her refined, solid work most people would believe she’s been playing at the inking game for a lot of time. But hard work, artistic vision, and true talent will always get you far, and this Scottish-born gem has taken the tattooing world by storm since get arrival.

She moved to London shortly after she began tattooing and earned a spot at the renowned Frith Street Tattoo in London’s Soho district. She works with a talented crew of artists who seem to be consistently interested in taking their art to the next level. She now co-owns and works at Modern Classic tattoo in Fulham, London, alongside her husband Stewart Robson, and their team; Stewart ‘Soap’ McKellor and Dan Hague.