UV Tattoos; Cool Looking But Be Careful:

UV tattoos, or rather glow in the dark tattoos, came onto the scene some years ago. They never became a common sight, in the tattoo community or mainstream society, but they certainly left their mark. Today the tattoos are mainly/especially popular with the rave culture. The tattoos do of course also go well with the abundance of UV light, present at most raves.

The trend does seem to be gaining some traction outside of the rave scene too though. This is why we want to advice people a bit (as we like to do). You see UV tattoos carry a bit more risk with them than most tattoos, since the science behind them hasn’t been perfected yet. Seeing as one of the components in UV ink is phosphorus, they aren’t exactly safe.

Not only can the tattoos change color over time, as the phosphorus also breaks down the ink. But they also lose their ability to glow in the dark in many cases. On top of this, phosphorus is very toxic to the human body, it can cause all sorts of illnesses and complications, everything from allergic reactions, burning sensations, itching, swelling and more. All of which can be permanent

Final Comment:

UV tatttoos, to some it is just another way to be creative. As with all tattoos they carry some risk with them, potentially. However the potential is far greater with these tattoos than most. But in the end it is up to the individual, if they want to take that risk. So before you get that glow in the dark butterfly or light-saber, think it through. If you still want it, by all means feel free to take that risk, it might even end up looking cool (read more, [2]).

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