As earlier mentioned Mediazink follow Nick Morte´s case in Norway
Updates from Nick Morte in Moscow

Here is what he recently posted on Facebook after the disicion in court.

“Ok… Looks like our judge did not have enough power and competence to change UNE’s decision, so he left my appeal unsatisfied, however, he did not charge me any additional fees and suggested to forward the case to Supreme Court.

So, if I stop now, the case will be lost and all our efforts won’t make any sense. I know that I have better chances in Supreme Court, where they actually have legislative power.

But, in order to do that I need help from all Norwegian tattoo artists, who want their job to be recognized as a profession.

Are you guys with me?”

Photo: Nick Morte

Below you can see a video post from YouTube.
Nick Morte speaks about his illegal deportation from Norway

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