Ukrainian tattoo artist Dmitriy Samohin

Born in 1978, Ukrainian tattoo artist Dmitriy Samohin is among one of today’s top notch names in the industry. A tattoo artist by pure happenstance, Samohin was in the military when he developed a liking towards the art of tattooing after going through a tattoo magazine. After getting done with the army, Samohin studied tattooing and taught himself the art on his own. One of the most in-demand men in the world of tattooing, Samohin is called upon to be a part of tattoo conventions, seminars, and workshops worldwide

Working professionally for more than 10 years, Samohin learned his craft through studying the art as well as other artists’ creations. He says that further experience and continuous practice have made him the artist he is today, basing his excellence in his work on the fact that he creates tattoos on almost a daily basis. Considering he is said to be the most brilliant realistic tattoo artist of his age, all this is valuable advice for beginners.

Samohin’s work is different as he is known to take risks by experimenting in various spheres, rather than sticking to just one style. A painter by hobby, he bridges the gap between tattooing and other forms of art by treating the body as a canvas. He does not only work in the prevalent and prospective styles of tattoo art but those of all art, which is why he is recognized as a master of his craft.

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The Ukrainian artist thus does not limit his work to any particular mode or area and works with his client’s requirements, taking the collaboration as a chance to further expand his creativity. The man puts such detail and dedication into each piece that the end result is truly extraordinary. His portraits and wildlife tattoos are beyond lifelike, and are truly pieces fit to be displayed in any art gallery of the world. In one word, these tattoos can be described as breathtaking.

Samohin is most well-known for his work in realistic tattoos, a style which is claimed he has taken to the next level. His colored pieces as well as the black and grey ones are loved by people all over the world and are considered exceptional. He creates portraits which look ultra realistic, claiming they fascinate him. The former military man takes great care and scrutiny while doing these pieces, paying attention to particulars which most people tend to overlook, such as the mood or expression of a person.

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Samohin has proved his talent on several platforms over the years, and has won a number of prestigious awards for his art, including the National Tattoo Association’s  “Artist’s Choice Realistic Tattoo Award”, “Artist’s Choice Tattooist of Best Colored Back Piece”, “People’s Choice Realistic Tattoo Award” and “People’s Choice Tattooist of Best Colored Back Piece”. Not only his achievements, but his peers which include some of today’s renowned tattoo artists are recognizing Samohin and his work as incredible. Samohin currently lives with his wife and operates his studio in Odesa, Ukraine.