A Sport Of Blood, Sweat and Ink:

UFC definitely seems to embody the alternate version of the old saying, written above. Certainly there are not many tears in UFC fighting, even when the fighters lose battles they look tough as nails. However, the sport seems to sport its fair share of tattoos, among both its male and female fighters.

You don’t have to look that far, to find tattoos in any kind of sport today, football/soccer being a great example. However, when it comes to martial arts, such as boxing, MMA and the like. Tattoos seem to be even more abundant than they are anywhere else. Especially in the UFC Championships, tattoos seem to be everywhere.

Indeed, tattoos have always been used by fighters in and out of sports, to show of to their opponents how tough they are. It can be argued that today it is more a personal thing about identity. But it does seem that some fighters in the UFC, still use tattoos to “scare” their opponents and show how tough they are.

Connor McGregor; Famous Champion With Famous Ink:

The most famous man in all of UFC, Connor McGregor, is of course also a prime example of a tattooed fighter.
However, his tattoos seem to be a mix between look tough and being very personal. Loads of articles have been written online about his tattoo collection. So we won’t go into too great detail here. But you can’t talk tattooed UFC fighters, without talking about Connor McGregor.

Connor McGregor


Julz the Jackal


Starting out his career virtually tattoo free. Success soon saw him getting more and more inked. Not that he by any means is the most tattooed fighter out there, but his tattoos are the most famous in the UFC.
Especially his chest piece of a gorilla wearing a crown. He doesn’t talk about much meaning behind his tattoos.
But everyone knows about especially this piece on his chest, which is quite well done and looks very tough.
It certainly seems to radiate fighting spirit more than anything.

Final Comments:

As said earlier, UFC isn’t the only sport with an abundance of tattoos. But they are a lot more visible in this sport than they are in most, and like in certain other sports. Tattoos seem to be a mark of how much success you have and depicting the fighters personality and resolution.

We here at Mediazink know that we always enjoy a good fight a little more, when the fighters sport awesome body-art. We hoped you guys enjoyed this article and keep your eye on Mediazink for more awesome reviews and articles.
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