There is no doubt that art, music and soul is very important in the heart of the hip hop musician Mazlums, while he is sitting with a smile and tells stories of his life with a cup of coffee at the Freetown Christiania in the heart of Copenhagen.


On a grey rainy day in the capital, Mazlum manages to light up the mood and give the day color by talking about his passion in life that made him who he is today.


At the age of 8 years Mazlum got taste for music and the art of playing with words, rhymes and language. With his friends he used the weekends at Frederiksberg and enjoyed themselves with their hobby – to interpret and compose texts. Today he started the Sabotaz project, which brings together different musicians with different genre in the form of rappers and singers. The songs Mazlum writing may be anything from subject about love to tattoos – but he emphasize that he stays away from politics because this can be a sensitive issue as he preferred to avoid.


From a ballerina to a tattoo artist

Mazlum says that he can be inspired by everything around him in his everyday life – it can be anything from a ballet dancer to a tattoo artist. Especially tattoo industry inspire him and he has thereby dedicated a song to the Danish tattoo exhibition Freetown Tattoo Convention which will be held at the same venue as he enjoys spending his time and feel relaxed.


Culture in Christiania makes it the perfect place to hold a convention. There is room for everyone. It is different to play on a convention – you are helping to create the mood and entertainer in a completely different way than a concert


Mazlum tells that he already has some tattoos by now and he gets tattooed because he admire the art and that he has a good relationship with his tattoo artist who knows how to convey what he has on his heart. They have mutual respect for each other and understand each other as artists even if it is within their territory. Mazlums tattoo artist Simon Elmkies from Los Hermanos, is a highly acclaimed tattoo artist and winner of many awards at conventions around the world. Mazlum was even tattooed by him at the Copenhagen International Tattoo Convention in early May. Free frameworks and trust to the tattooist usually give the best result – and the position remains Mazlum stuck in.


We understand each other’s art even though we are from two different worlds in relation to creative thinking, and I am generally very open to what Simon has ideas when I offer my skin – I want him to put his own stamp. Simon is inspiring, he lives and breathes for his work


Personally Mazlum want himself to be independent in order to maintain his own style and when he won the Danish championship in rap as 13-14 year-old the doors opened to him – but he will still remind people that hard work pays off – but it is important to feel inspired and open, but still retaining your own own style.


Mazlum recommend everyone, whether you are into tattoos or not, to visit Freetown Tattoo Convention:


You have to experience the atmosphere, the good entertainment, the opportunity to become tattooed by the best from around the world or just see how beautiful tattoos can actually be – indulge yourself

You can actually meet Mazlum at Freetown Tattoo Convention this year in September – because he will be the speaker at the 2015 Christiania Convention.

Skærmbillede 2015-08-19 kl. 21.03.30
Photo: Los Hermanos
Simon Elmkies tattooing Mazlum at the Copenhagen International Tattoo Convention.