Tv Show; Ink Master

Many of you have probably seen it, the TV-show Ink Master. This reality competition show
has been on air since January 2012 and will now go into season 12, amazing!
Ink Master brings tattoo artists with various styles, from all over USA to compete
for $100.000 and the cover of Inked Magazine.

A few artists that have been on the show is: Ryan Ashley Malarkey, Kelly Doty,
Cleen Rock One, Gian Cruz, Noelin Wheeler, Jime Litwalk, Tommy Helm and  Tiffer Wright.
The jury? On the jury we have the Chris Nunez, known from Miami Ink, The great Oliver Peck
and Dave Navarro from Jane´s Addiction.

Tattoo by: Kelly Doty                                 Tattoo by: Tiffer Wright

Tattoo by: Noelin Wheeler                            Tattoo by: Ryan Ashley Malarkey


Noelin Wheeler, runner-up on season 9 are coming to Sweden.
He will attend the 6th International 50 Shades of Ink Helsingborg Tattoo Convention.
See more of his work at

More information about the conventon: