Willy Robinson Travelling Tattoo Museum
Mediazink met Willy Robinson in Berlin this weekend.

It was a nice meeting and what an inspirational person with so many extreme and excited stories to tell.

The Tattoo business have developed through many hundreds of years.
Best of all is that the Travelling Museum has it all, One of the very first persons tattooed thousands of years ago.
Some of the pioneers in the business and of course from the pacifics where tattooing is a tradition.
There are so many things to see, so make sure you take your time, next time you have the opportunity to see
this travelling museum.

Enjoy these unique pictures from this weeks Berlin Tattoo Convention, where Willy filled 2 big rooms with many
of his artifacts and displays from the World of Body Art.

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Photo: Jeanett Esfort


View this YouTube video of Willy Robinson
It´s from 2010 but we asure you that the enthusiams is still present.
Every little piece in the Museum tells an unique story by Willy Robinson.

Credit to jazzpublishing.