Tracey McSporran; Passion, Tattoos and Highland Beauty

Tracey McSporran; Passion, Tattoos and Highland Beauty
April 21
15:25 2018

Tracey McSporran; Model, Mother and Crafts(wo-)man:

Tracey McSporran, you wouldn’t think it when you see this shy Scottish flower. But Tracey is one hell of a powerhouse, not to mention a mom with her game together. Not only is this beautiful Scottish girl gorgeous and loves her work as a model, doing all sorts of fun, sexy and quirky shoots. But she is also a jeweler by trade and loves showing off her skill, with her very distinct style in jewelry making. On top of it all, she is a mother who loves her family and works hard, yet she manages to look incredible, young and beautiful.

We had the pleasure of running into this awesome beauty, at this years Scottish Tattoo Convention, and we couldn’t help but give her an interview.

The Interview:

1. Where are you from and (I know you don’t ask a lady this) how young are you?

I am from Fife in Central Scotland and am 33!!!!!! 😬😬😬😬

2. What do you do for a living when not modelling?

When I’m not modelling I am a jeweller. I specialise in creating bespoke engagement rings and wedding rings. I do however make any type of jewellery or small metalwork pieces. Whatever my customers want really.

3. How did you discover tattoo modelling?

I have always been a huge fan of models like Becky Holt and Lauren Brock. And have been getting tattoos since I was 17 so I’ve always had a massive interest in the industry. It wasn’t untill I was asked by some local photographers to be a ‘tattoo model’ that I realised my ink was actually pretty good and thought I would give it a go….

4. How do you balance your day job with modelling and being a mother?

I am rubbish at time management!! It’s my worst feature 😂 I just try to get a good balance of each. Obviously my daughter is my priority but Modelling helps me escape the real world I suppose and let me have some me time.

5. When did you get your first tattoo?

I was 17 when. I got my first tattoo. It was a dragon on my shoulder blade. Which has since been covered up.

6. What’s your favorite tattoo you have gotten so far and do you have any crazy tattoo plans in the future?

I love the portrait of my daughter on My arm. It was done by Paul Talbot and I was so nervous to meet him. I actually exchanged a bespoke ring with him for my tattoo and neither of us realised just how special the piece was for the other untill I met him to do the tattoo. Very different mediums but equally as precious.
I do have plans for every space I have left. The cover up on my back still has a lot left to do on it but I keep getting side tracked.

7. What’s your favorite ever photoshoot or photoshoot moment?

Every shoot has been different. So each has favourite parts to it. I loved shooting with Becky Holt and Georgina Hornsby at Bangs. They were both amazing to work with and was such a good laugh. I’m always amazed once the final edits come through after the shoot. Scott Coles work is genius and the images from him blew me away. Every shoot has brought something different though and with each shoot I find something new to love about it.

8. What’s the worst thing that ever happened to you on a shoot?

Probably how rubbish I am in heels 😂 I can’t say I’m the girliest of girls so a day shooting in heels actually kills me

9. What are your plans for the future, anything we should watch out for?

I have so many plans that I want to do. For now I just need to keep working at my portfolio and make it the best I can. I’m relatively new to tattoo modelling so I’m trying to work with the best photographers I can and produce the most epic images I can…

Final Comment:

Tracey is one hell of a girl, she might still be finding her way in tattoo modelling. But she has so much energy, ambition and passion, we are sure she will give us even more awesomeness in the future. She seems to throw her passion and bubbly personality into everything she does, while always keeping her daughter as her number one priority. But she works hard at both her modelling and jeweller work. Better watch out for this one in the future.

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