Torz Reynolds; Cut Off Her Pinky and Made it Jewelry:

Torz Reynolds, a body piercer from Essex in England. Torz is already when you look at her, among the more heavily tattooed of us. She has an extensive collection of tattoos and piercings, all over her body including the face. This is nothing out of the ordinary, indeed her collection of body-art is very appealing and looks great on her, we think.

But there is one part of this fine young Essex girls body art collection, which took us and most other people by surprise. Around her neck she has a small vial with a little finger inside it. Now this you can sometimes find in macabre shops around the world, you know the shops that sell taxidermy with a twist and occult stuff.
Yet, in Torz’s case, if she got anything from a shop, it would only be the vial and chain.

Yes, the finger she wears around her neck is indeed her own pinky. Torz was inspired to to cut of her pinky, because she is not the type to take anything seriously and the fact that she kind of almost forgot it was there. Then when a friend went ahead with doing it, Torz soon followed after. Naming the cute little stump left behind, ‘Wiggles’. To her credit, she seems very happy about it and even had a photo-shoot a year after, to celebrate.

A New Form of Body Mod?

Amputation is nothing new, as part of the more extreme part of body-modifications. People have removed toes, ear-lopes, fingers and even in one case their nose (the Red Skull man, inspired by Marvel’s villain). So indeed amputation as a step in the body-mod transformation is nothing new. It is still a very extreme step to take, but people have don’t it for years, perhaps even decades or centuries, if we count ritualistic amputation.

But it is the first time, at least that we have seen, that someone has amputated an appendage. With such silly glee about it. It kind of makes you smirk and crack up a bit, when you read about the reasoning of Torz’s decision. It makes you thin “good for her”.

We don’t believe however, that this will become a massive trend. Even though both the pinky finger and its cousin in the toe family. Both seem evolutionary to not hold much purpose. It is probably not any time soon in our opinion (at least according to our resident sociologist), that people will start amputating them as part of some trend.
There will probably be a small group of people finding it awesome, and to them we say; all power to you.

Final Comment:

A case like that of Torz Reynolds, definitely shows us how unique perceptions of beauty and what is cool can be.
It also reminds us, just how creative and outlandish people can get, when it comes to their own ideals of body-art.
But all in all it is up to the individual and it sure makes the world more colorful and interesting. As long as people are careful with their health and that of others, we say keep on chopping and be happy.

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