Strong Norse Tattoos the Ancient Vikings could be Proud Of!

Tor Ola, everything about this artist screams viking. Hailing from Norway and sporting a massive powerful beard, even the artist himself, looks like a true viking. But what really screams viking, is his style of tattooing.
In the best way possible, his tattoos look like they could be found, on old dug up viking relics.
It’s almost as if an archaeologist might have excavated the tattoos, from under his clients skin. However, it is truly beautiful craftsmanship, mixing strong line, and very precisely done dot-work and more. To create something which can rightfully be called Norse and Viking tattoos. It was truly interesting, to find out what inspires a ‘Viking’ like Tor Ola.

The Interview with Tor Ola:

 1. So who exactly is this cool celtic artist?

My name is Tor Ola Svennevig, my studio’s name is Ihuda Tattoo. Ihuda is a Norwegian/Norse dialect word meaning “in the skin”. I have reached the age of 39, last April.

2. For how long have you been tattooing?

I had my studio for almost 16 years but I started learning myself how to tattoo (first by hand,then with a crap machine,then with Spaulding and Rogers machines) from 1996

3. What got you into tattooing and how did you become an artist?

All the old tattooed sailors that still lived when I was young and of course all the tattooed 80’s heavy metal musicians.

4. Where do you currently work?

I have my studio in the south-east coast city Fredrikstad. But I also work a  lot in Bergen at the west-coast, in a studio called Nidhogg Tattoo (Nidhogg is one of the snakes at the roots of the world tree Yggdrasill).

5. How would you describe your own style of tattooing?

I only Tattoo by hand now, as I stopped tattooing with machines about one year ago. I have a strong devotion for working by hand, and more and more clients wanted my handmade work. My style is very much based in the Norse tradition and I see myself as just one in a long chain of heritage, trying to pick up the thread that was broken by Christianity. My technique and tools are based in historical finds from my own and closely related historical cultures, especially the Schytian and Thracian.

6. What do you find, attracts you to that style?

Just a strong sense of responsibility to honor my heritage first and foremost, but also of course the visual aesthetics of all the beautiful ornaments.

7. What is your favourite image and body part, to tattoo on people?

I do not have a favourite image nor a favourite bodypart as every client gets a personal motif wherever they wish to have it placed and I do my best to make it flow perfect according to the premises being it a arm or hand or the head. Every body part moves different in one way or another and every area have different skin.

8. What is your favourite type of client?

A devoted one

9. What is your favourite type of shop?

A private (not drop in) one

10. What are your plans for the future?

It seems now that I will spend my full time based in Bergen. And I will as always work hard to develop my work in tattooing and drawing as well as in other crafts.

Final Comments and Gallery:

Tor Ola as one can read from the interview, is one proud viking. Seeing it as an honor and a responsibility, which he humbly carries on. Continuing the traditional viking methods of tattooing, doing it by hand and in the style of ancient times. This Stoic viking tattoo artist, truly embodies his heritage and wears it with pride. Putting everything into his work. I dare say, if you are looking for a truly authentic viking experience, with your tattoos. Tor Ola is the man to seek out.

Portrait of Tor Ola; by Mathis Backe @yggdrasilphoto

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