Top Ten Artist From The Ink Master Hit TV Series

Top Ten Artist From The Ink Master Hit TV Series
November 05
06:56 2017

Top Ten Artist From The Ink Master Hit TV Series

Ink Master is an American reality competition television series which made its debut on the Spike on the 17th of January 2012. The show is largely centered on various tattoo artist that are made to compete in a variety of tattoo challenges and they are then judged by renowned and significant enthusiast and numerous tattoo artists.

One or more contestant may be evicted in each episode of the Spike airing TV series. The last and final contestant goes home with the title Ink Master and also not forgetting a $100,000 reward prize. The series is currently in its 9th season and 115th episode and is produced and recorded in New York.

The show has really brought out a lot of talented tattoo artist to the forefront and has given them a platform to prove their talent and do what they like to do best, which is drawing amazing and excellent tattoos.

Below we will take a brief look at our ten biggest Ink Master artists

  1. Sarah Miller

Although Sarah had a great run at the show, she was probably not the best when it came to keeping her emotions and attitude under wraps. She has a fantastic talent for drawing tattoos and she made sure that she proved it to us on every minute she spent on the show. Although she didn’t get to finally win, she still manages to earn a top spot on our list. Congrats Sarah!

  1. Tommy Helm

Passionate and highly enthusiastic about his craft. Tom would invest every bit of him into his drawings and art. His final Viking back piece on the season finale was a big hit and a true definition of what a great tattoo should look like.  Although Tommy didn’t get to win, he made it to the season finale and we think he deserves our second spot. Congrats Tom!

  1. Joey Hamilton

Showed class, talent, and creativity at every stage of the show. His Cat woman and GG Bridge tattoos were a joy to behold. Joey will go places with the ample inking talent that he boasts of. Way to go Joey!

  1. Cleen Rock One

Cleen is a highly talented and adaptable tattoo artist, and he knew just how to produce that perfect tattoo drawing.  Cleen was easily a relaxed and calm guy throughout the show. Although he has been very unlucky, getting to the season finale twice and losing out on both occasions. Cleen persistence is the key to success, never stop trying!

  1. Jim Litwalk

Brilliant and incredible tattoo artist. Jim was easily a fan favorite and his tattoos were always very creative and special. Jim is surely a gifted and special tattoo artist. He earns our fifth spot on this list.

  1. Scott Marshall

Scott is a great tattoo artist with immeasurable skill, although he was infamous and more popular amongst the fans for his behavior and conduct on the show. Take nothing away from Scott, he’s a great tattoo artist nonetheless.

  1. Steve Tefft

Steve is a gifted and great tattoo artist, his drawings on the show were all amazing and realistic. If there is something that Steve has really got, it’s the knack for being superb at drawing tattoos.

  1. Shane O’Neil

Shane is another remarkable tattoo artist who really never had a bad tattoo drawing all throughout his stay on the show. Shane is gifted and among some sections of the fans, he is their all-time favorite on the show.

  1. Kyle Dunbar

Incredible tattoo artist was very consistent throughout his stay on the show. Although some fans will remember him more for his witty attitude rather than for his great work on the show.

  1. Tatu Baby

Incredible tattoo artist and she easily amazed us with her different and spirited tattoo works. She was easily the pick of the cherry in the second season of the show.


Notable Mentions

  • Walter “Sausage” Frank
  • Joshua Hibbard
  • Anthony Michaels



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