Top Sweden Artists – New School

Top Sweden Artists – New School

Top Sweden Artists – New School

Marcus, the supervisor of Swedish Ink here at MediaZink will once a month do this where he shows his TOP TWO artists in each tattoo style. There is a lot of great artists based in Sweden so that´s why we will do “this” post once a month. We hope you will enjoy this new serie.

please tell us your view on the tattoos and make us a comment below this post.


Vickan is a tattoo artist based at Queendom Crew Tattoo located in Stockholm, Sweden. Vickan is an award winning New School artist, well known for her colorful pieces. See more at:


Pernilla “Perdi” is very well known for her great New School tattoos and Pernilla is the owner of Kryptonite Tattoo Shop in Gothenburg, Sweden. See more of her work at:


See more great content from amazing artists & conventions:

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