Top Notch Convention in Spain

This conventions has been around for 2 decades and even more than that.
It could easily be categorized as World Famous Event because its one of the oldest
tattoo conventions in Europe as well as one of the most respected tattoo festivals worldwide.

Barcelona Tattoo Expo is the most well known of them all in Spain. No doubt about that either.
For XX times the convention are ready to open the doors in October 2019.
The line up of attending artists are exclusive and something worth travelling for.


Here is what the organiser, Mik Garetta say about the conventions beginning

“The idea arose from the amiration we have for tattooing. We used to travel to the few convention celebrated in Europe, then we thought it would be a great idea to show tattooing in a non marginal way to the general public, and also, to share learning and exchange knowledge among international artists and the few artists working in Spain at the time.

 “Conventions weren’t very common at the time, so we thought: why not start something new in our own town? We couldn’t find any reason not to do it. That’s how we created the first Spanish International Tattoo Convention, in Barcelona, which is known worldwide as the most cosmopolitan and modern Spanish city”.

Poster 2019. Coming soon!

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View this video from 2017:
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