TJ. Dillashaw Tattoos


TJ. Dillashaw or Tayler Jeffrey Dillashaw is one of the best Mix Martial Art artists. His career in the Ultimate Fighting Championship or UFC is fascinating. Until today, he achieves UFC Bantam Championship two times. There are so many interesting things to discuss TJ. Dillashaw including his tattoos.
Power Tattoos
find that Dillashaw has some cool tattoos.



The first tattoo is the image of two lions. Then, he adds with an image of a clock. A lion is one of his power tattoos and it symbolizes that he wants to be the champion or king of the world, especially in Mix Martial Art sports. TJ. Dillashaw also has a globe and snake tattoo. The cute and unique one is that Dillashaw has a butterfly tattoo. The unique thing is that the body looks like a bee but it has butterfly wings. It seems that TJ. Dillashaw loves animals. Another animal tattoo on his arm is a white-tailed deer.


The meaning of those animals is that TJ. Dillashaw has a strong will to be the best and strongest in Mix Martial Art.
Dillashaw loves hunting just like when he hunts opponents and beat them. He also has a tattoo of the goddess Athena as well as the lyric of Red Hot Chilli Pepper’s song entitled Can’t Stop.
Power Tattoos
is a professional tattoo artist who can create a variety of tattoos just like TJ. Dillashaw has.
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