Tin Tin Tatouages is one of the most reputed tattooists in the Paris tattoos niche. He has been in the business for as long as thirty years and still enjoys his work with dedication. Mr. Tatouages is a man with a vision, who has been redefining the tattoo industry with his amazing ideas and is exploring various themes that are both classical and the post-modern. Unlike other tycoons Mr. Tatouages did not expand into multiple shops or chains because he believes that one can only be truly dedicated to one shop or tattoo parlour at a time. Therefore he works in a single shop, with a dedicated team of hand-picked 15 professionals that work for him to create art.

Mr. Tatouages’ career began in the camps of Berlin, during his military service. He was            self -taught and never worked anywhere as an apprentice. He says that those days were very important to his career as an artist as he had plenty of skin to work on, and he preferred working nights on soldiers. This hindered his duty as a soldier in the mornings (which he slept off due to exhaustion). After spending some more time in the Army, he finally returned home to Paris, to work on his true passion. After working a few months in Paris, which was his hometown, Tin Tin opened his first shop in the grand city of Toulouse. He continued working there till 1986, after which he switched back shop to Paris. Paris has always been the city of wonders for Mr. Tin Tin, and it not only helped him regain new insight for the tattoo industry, it also helped him grow as an artist. He switched shop again (within Paris) in 1999 and has been working there for the last 17 years.  He shifted this shop as the customer’s appointments were overloading and his own success was weighing him down. This new shop in Rue de Douai was shifted to help him accommodate the new customers.

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Mr. Tatouages is known for his easy charm and excellent artistic skills.  He is a true conservative in his art and prefers specialism in realism, portraits and one of his favorites themes is the Japanese art. Although he is a fan of Jap art and loves working with themes like dragons and koi fishes, he says that he is flexible to the cultural bounds in order to make the skin look good. According to Mr. Tatouages, modern tattoo lovers have moved from portraits to classical themes, and he has been seeing this trend for the last 10 years.

Mr. Tatouages is famous for his tattoo convention “Le Mondial du Tatouage” which is held every year and attracts thousands of tattoo enthusiasts. This convention is organized at “Grande halle de la Villette” and the convention had about 15000 participants in the year 2013 alone.  Mr. Tatouages is a harsh critic and does not approve of most of the modern tattoo artists. He believes that the ratio of good artists and bad artists (on both professional and amateur level) is about 1:1000. Mr. Tatouages is definitely the leader of the tattoo scene in Paris.