The Way Israelis Young Generation Express Their Feeling about the Holocaust

Holocaust leaves a deep scar on all of the Jews. It is not only leaving a deep scar for elderly people
but also the latest generation.
Jews young generation expresses their feeling about the Holocaust in their way.
It is one of the stories from the young generation, where his relatives became the victim of the Holocaust.

The History of the Holocaust

Holocaust started when Nazi Germany came to Jews in 1933. Nazi showed their superiority in cruelty.
This community had a bad decision to persecute and murder approximately six million Jews.
Nazi called their program as Euthanasia Program.
In this program, Nazi left the Jewish in starvation, disease, neglect, and maltreatment until they all died.
This tragedy stopped in 1945 and between 1948 to 1951, 700.000 Jews emigrated to Israel.

The Way Jewish Young Generation Express Their Feeling about Holocaust

The Holocaust survivors can’t forget this terrible memory.
Although Jewish young generation knows nothing about the Holocaust, they just hear from their
family who became the eye witness or victim of the Holocaust.
Just like Eli Sagir, a 21 years woman in which her grandfather became the victim of this tragedy.
Eli Sagir creates a tattoo to remind her generation and show to others about the Holocaust story.
Because of that, she decides to create a tattoo of her beloved grandfather,
namely Yosef Diamant on her left forearm.
Mr. Diamant also has a permanent tattoo and it is the number 157622.
The tattoo was created by the Nazis around 70 years ago. Almost all his family got the same six digits
tattoo on their left forearm.


It is only one of the ways to let the young generation understands the Holocaust tragedy.
Another way is by building the Holocaust memorial Yad Vashem in Jerusalem.
This museum is designed for anyone who wants to know more about the Holocaust tragedy.
Visitors can learn it by listening to the story from the victims who survive from the tragedy.
Moreover, there are interesting movies with special effects so visitors can feel what happened at that time.
The purpose of expressing and letting people know about the Holocaust is not only about
sharing the sad story but also to concern about racism and tolerance issues.

Tattoo in Jews 

The interesting thing is that creating a tattoo is prohibited by Jewish law.
What makes Jewish people who have a six digits tattoo afraid of, is the risk that they can’t be
buried in Jewish cemeteries.
After that tragedy, people often take surgery or hide them under long sleeves.
Even, they use the number in the lottery or use it as a password.
Despite the unique way to express their feeling, the Holocaust and the six digits tattoo are a
deep scar for Jewish people.

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