The Tattooist Hall Of Fame By Rusty Savage

Hall of fame
Here is the words from Rusty Savage about this Hall Of fame

In the future, 5-7 inductees will be considered by committee every 2 years and so the list will grow.
Planning a Presentation Ceremony around May/June.
So if I dont have someone on the list that you know belongs there, it wasn´t an omission, just stopped at 100 for now.
Over the next few months I will be creating individual displays for each with Photos, art, stories and bios.
I will have some posters shortly, for now you can download this image or message me and Ill send a PDF you can print.
There are a lot of living artists on this list, I didn´t tag any but all will receive awards.

Rusty and Mistie Savage

The list

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