The Tattoo Culture

Tattoos are basically not something that is always negative. Basically, tattoos are a culture that has existed from ancient times.
Because of the development of an advanced culture, the form of tattoos from the past to the present certainly has differences.
Tattoos began to be known and began to be more widely known by the public when the culture of rock and roll culture surfaced.In addition, when the freedom revolution in San Francisco was happening, the tattoo became one of the forms of protest at that time.
Tattoos are more often done on men, but of course there are also women. Lyle Tuttle, is a witness and activist doing tattoos on women as a form of gender equality between women and men.

The Existence of Tattoos in the Community
Tattoo is not a new culture or from modern cultural culture. Indeed, tattoos existed in ancient times, precisely 2,000 BC. This discovery was discovered by Dr. Lars Kutak, a tattoo expert in the world, and also a journal written in National Geographic.
According to him, the reason people do tattoos on their bodies, especially women, to do treatment.
However, over the times, tattoos have changed the function of treatment into a form of expression. It began when in 1774 when Captain Cook returned to London with a Polynesian tattooist, Omai. Captain Cook deliberately took it to show the people of London, and as a result, many thoughts the tattoo made by Omai was very fashionable. Finally, tattoo culture became famous at that time.