The story about me

The story about me
August 07
21:23 2017

So I guess this is where I tell the story of how I got into the world of tattoos..

When I was a young kid I used to go to art school once a week and I loved it. My father also did a lot of paintings and crafty things so art kinda came natural for me in that way.
One day I told my mom and dad that I wanted a belly button piercing and they strictly said NO! I was about 16yrs at the time, what they didn’t think of was that they had a smart little son of a gun for a kid so my next question was “how about a tattoo, I mean you can’t say no when you both have one”… a few weeks later I walked in to a studio in malmo with my mom and out with a small little Hibiscus flower tattoo (that I still got) I sworn that I would never ever get myself tattooed again due to the pain, but hey look at me now almost covered from my skull and down!
A year later, at the age of 17, I took the train over to Copenhagen and did 3 small stars… the next year again I turned 18 and could finally get tattooed legally in Sweden, woohooo! So I did, it started out small and just got bigger and bigger… I went to this man called Tommy Lompad and still today, 14 years later he is a dear friend of mine.
Growing up I had a lot of problems with my skin and acne. And my self esteem was not on top due to bullies and so on at school. Even tho I got older and the bullying stoped it was still in the back of my head and every time I looked into the mirror I saw scars from my acne. For me I got this brilliant idea that if I got tattoos maybe just maybe people wouldn’t see my scars and notice my skin… of course it was all in my head but it helped me look pass those thoughts somehow.
I got more and more tattoos but I also got older and my scars started to fade away. By now I had fallen in LOVE with tattoos and the way my skin worked as a canvas for so many talented artist out there, how could I ever stop? I am so proud of every little inch of my artwork and my self esteem is higher than ever.
A couple of years ago I got in contact with a woman who owned a tattoo magazine where I started to work as her “helper” in many tattoo conventions in Sweden where I also got to know many people in the business, after a few years running with her I ran into Carsten and Jeanett, the owners of Mediazink and today my bosses and extra family. I love the world of tattoos and have the best extra “job” a person interested and so fascinated of tattoos and art could ask for.

So i guess this is it for now and i promise i will try to write and post pictures at least a couple of times a week with my own tattoos, events, thoughts and situations in my life, I also love traveling (And food, there is art in everything) so of course pictures from my travels as well.

Will I ever be tired of tattoos… only god knows and only the sky is the limit

Peace out wonderful world and dear readers.

Yours truly Sara-Melanie



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  1. Laboss
    Laboss August 07, 21:31

    du är en stor inspiration, du kommer äga denna bloggen like a baws❤️??

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