The Second Legend; Mario Barth

Mario Barth is well known in the world of tattooing.
He owns five shops, based in both Austria and USA.

Mario Barth Mario Barth

Mario has some world famous people on his client list, for example:
Usher, Tommy Lee, Sylvester Stallone, Nikki Six, Paris Hilton,
Pamela Anderson, JaRule and Avril Lavigne, just to name a few.

Mario Barth Mario Barth

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Time to show you a serie of legends
It was now time for us to highlight some of the forces in this fast growing business
and community.  
We wanted to show our readers and fans that there is many names who deserve
some appreciation for their passion and hard work for several years.

These selected artists has been a huge inspiration for thousands of artists around the World.
Here is the list of the legends are coming.

The legends are coming