The pioneer of the photorealistic tattoo style

The pioneer of the photorealistic tattoo style
June 20
06:00 2016

Credited as being the pioneer of the photorealistic tattoo style, Stéphane Chaudesaigues is one of the most famous tattoo artists of France. Hidden away in the belly of Paris, Stéphane can be found in a quaint little tattoo parlor called “La Bête Humaine”. With his enthusiasm for bringing life to his artwork and his pure talent, Stéphane has become one of the most frequented tattoo artists in the world, particularly for his larger than life, extremely realistic tattoos.

At a young age, Stéphane discovered his love for art, particularly tattooing. This is evident by how he tattooed a “P” on himself at the age of 11 when his brother refused to do it. With the unavailability of professional apprenticeships, and no proper training available, he still managed to teach himself the basic tattooing techniques using guidebooks and manuals. It was because of this persistence and hard work that he was able to open up his firs art studio in 1987, called “Art Tattoo” with the help and support of his brother.  Later on, this studio was renamed “Graphicaderme” and has since become a franchise, and has grown to have eight different locations all over France.


His hard work, unique style, and dedication to the tattooing industry have won him the artist of the year award in 1995 by the US National Tattoo Association. Chaudesaigues believes in giving back to his roots which is why after a detailed and thorough investigation of his lineage, he decided to honor the original Chaudesaigues award at the school of Fine Arts in Paris, by creating a Chaudesaigues award for tattooing with his brother.

Stéphane’s work is heavily influenced by other artists around the world. His frequent visits to museums and art galleries play a vital role in his inspiration for his tattoos. His photorealistic tattoos too are heavily affected and influenced by these visits. It is because of this, that his artwork is not limited to one specific genre or form. His work includes calligraphy, portraits, caricatures, and even cartoons at times. His vast style and variety of art is perhaps why his franchise is as popular as it is in France, and all over the world.

Among his astounding work as an individual tattoo artist, Stéphane is also a philanthropist in terms of his support of other aspiring tattoo artists. Despite his success, he remembers his roots and continues to encourage and support those who do not have the facilities and resources to pursue careers in the arts. He is also chairman of “Tatouage & Partage” which is an association dedicated to the world of tattoos. One of his and this organizations goals is to make the government recognize that tattooing is a legitimate profession.

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Apart from this, the Festival International du Tatouage de Chaudes-Aigues is an event organized every July by Chaudesaigues in his ancestral village which brings together tattoo artists from all across the globe and features live events and excellent music.

This kind, soft hearted, hardworking man is perhaps one of the most respectable and multi-faceted artists of the industry who has earned respect and repute by his unique style and his dedication to this already unique industry.

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