The Picts The Real Life Blue People; Mediazink Presents History Fun Fact Vol. 9

The Picts The Real Life Blue People; Mediazink Presents History Fun Fact Vol. 9
November 12
12:54 2017

The Legendary Tribal People Of Britain:

The Picts, one of two people that invaded and raided the roman occupied Britannia from the north. Though the romans had previously, referred to all the “barbarians” from Britain as the colored people, or indeed the blue people, the picts stood out. Where most of the natives of Britannia painted their bodies blue, some roman scholars speculate it was to seem more fierce in battle, the Picts went a step further.

The Picts decorated their bodies with tattoos, blue tattoos of all sorts of signs and creatures. There are not too many precise accounts of the methods early on. But what is known, is that it seemed to be especially the elite among the Picts, who would tattoo their bodies. It was both something to appease their gods as well as a thing of status, among their tribes men.

Another interesting thing, is that like with most other tribal societies, both men and women had plenty of tattoos.
They would even add more color to them before battle, to make them seem more frightful and awe inspiring to their enemies. Roman soldiers themselves, which we will get into in the next episode, wore tattoos. But no romans, tattooed their bodies to the extent of the Picts, also known as the blue people or the people of signs.

Final Comments:

Indeed the historical facts regarding the Picts and their tattoo practices are a little scarce. But it is pretty clear that they did wear tattoos and that they were a thing of status and beauty. Other than that, it is only pretty certain, that whatever their method was, their tattoos turned out blue. Perhaps these fearsome blue savages from history, may even have inspired certain individuals in the popular HBO series Game of Thrones.

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