Painted Pants; Body-Art with a Purpose:

By now we have probably all seen the videos of girls with painted pants, or rather pained on pants. But these videos are much more than just a display of some rather impressive body painting skills. Unlike most pieces of body-paint, that can normally be seen at all sorts of events around the world. Showing of huge artistic pieces painted onto the skin. The body paint in these videos, are of the more realistic variety.

If you haven’t seen the videos we are talking about, the premise is simple. You take one  beautiful model, dress her up on her top half and stick her in some shoes, but her pants are painted on. The body paint is purposefully so realistic in these videos, that it can be difficult to tell apart the painted jeans from regular skin tight ones, at first glance.

The trick in the different videos is then to see if people can spot that the jeans are painted on, as the model walks around unassumingly. But there is also another part to the videos. People’s reactions as the jeans are revealed to be painted. These reactions are usually positive, but some people are quite frankly shocked, for better or worse.

Final Comment:

Painted Pants, it is when you think more about it quite the clever way of challenging, how people may look at body-art. Cause in many cases, if the jeans had ever been revealed to be painted, the spectators would never have thought twice about it. They only change their opinion when they learn that they are painted on. But why should that matter and should it even matter? Wouldn’t it be nice if people could look at all body-art as they look at these body-paint jeans? let us know what you guys think in the comments.

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