The Mummies Are Back; New Historical Discovery!

The Mummies Are Back; New Historical Discovery!
March 08
21:38 2018

Ancient Mummies; Scientists Discovered Ink on Already Exhibited Mummies:

Recently tattoos were found on some mummies exhibited in the British Museum in London. The mummies had already been displayed at the prestigious museum for 100 years, before the new ink was discovered. With this discovery, the famous ice-mummy Ötzi, has got some new company. These tattooed mummies are all over 5000 years old, they are the oldest example of animal tattoos on a human being, ever found.

These tattoo can even help give researchers new insights into ancient Egyptian culture. Previously tattoos were thought to have been mainly a female thing, by historians and archaeologists. But these mummies have already disproved this, as one of the two inked mummies is a male.

This is an amazing find, which also shows how common tattoos have been. As well as telling us more about, what a central part tattoos have had, in our history as human beings. Even in one of the oldest societies on the planet, tattoos were a part of their ancient past. It also shows us, that tattoos were enjoyed by the elite, as only the rich got mummified.

Meaning Behind the Ink:

It is being speculated why the ancient Egyptians tattooed themselves. It is difficult to know exactly what the images found on the two mummies here might have meant, since the tattoos predate the use of even Hieroglyphs. But this fact especially, speaks volumes about our species love of the art form, as tattoos have solidly by now, been proven to predate even one of the worlds oldest written languages.

But much can be said about the symbols, we know the bull featured on the man, as well as the S shapes on the woman, were both popular and have also been found on ancient crockery. What exactly they mean though, is difficult to say, but they have probably been symbols of status as well as meant to portray some characteristics about the wearer. The bull could for example symbolize virility and strength.

Final Comments:

It is amazing how much history can still surprise us. Constantly it seems, new discoveries are made, that proves human’s love of body-art throughout the ages. It should never be underestimated, how big a part of our world tattoos have been and are. They were always for everyone and it was often a symbol of status and character.
Please go check out more about this find, it is worth a read.

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