Six ways to customize your Chinese symbol tattoo

Six ways to customize your Chinese symbol tattoo
February 21
06:00 2017

The motives of Asian Tattooes: Six ways to customize your Chinese symbol tattoo

In the past ten years, Chinese symbol tattoos hit the world like a whirlwind. A lot of people show their sense of fashion through the Chinese writing. 35% of the players in the NBA has some patterns of ink on their skin. In showbiz, celebrities share a similar affection for Asian characters (words). Why is this so familiar exotic words? The most obvious reason is their artistic appeal. The Chinese text is like art. However, I see that many Chinese tattoos seem a bit simple and bland.

Six tips to add style and charm to your Chinese tattoo symbols.

The color of Chinese tattoos Chinese symbols is often carried out wrapped in ink. It is the traditional style. Dark Ink (Blue, Brown, Gray) and the colors are classic, beautiful and quiet. On the other hand, why not spice it up other colors. If you want a funky modern look, try lighter ink. If you are brave enough, go with bright colors (e.g. blue sky, pink). There are no rules on what color best. Choose something that is compatible with your personality.
The Chinese word counts the number of Chinese symbols to determine how much space is required. If your tattoo design is composed of several characters (5 or more), more room is needed to accommodate the text. Conversely, if there are only a few characters (1-3), a small space will do. For my part, I know that tattoo with some symbol is visible. They tend to convey a deeper meaning or truth. Some people like it a lot because they resemble a mysterious script. Think of an ancient Chinese scroll. So, if you want the mystery and the inner meaning, go with some symbols.
China said the size – think about what size of characters Chinese you need. The symbols of large size give the impression of courage and confidence. Also, they allow for more details. You can see the features of writing including changed or point quickly. Symbols small size discreteness and politeness. Of course, the details will be reduced. However, do not underestimate the power of writing. They look fresh and sexy; eyes call several tattoo enthusiasts.

Tattoo placement and body part – a disturbing question for fans of the ink is where to place their Chinese symbols. Rather more widespread including your back, arms, chest, and legs. However, I invite you to consider the problem of aging. As we age, our tattoo age too. Some parts of the body are very prone to develop wrinkles. Therefore, you must put your words of China in the area of your body where they can continue to grace theirs during an extended period. As a result, you’ll look as graceful and young as a tattoo of your writing.

Chinese text alignment Chinese symbol tattoos are such a text. To add a range of ink you, think about how the text should flow. In other words, you can customize the text alignment to achieve the desired appearance. The classic method is to the Chinese symbols you flows vertically, from top to bottom (such as Beckham did with his calligraphy tattoos). The other way is the horizontal alignment. In this case, you have two choices. Writing can go from left to right or right to left. You decide your ink to the text stream. My advice is to go with the vertical alignment. This gives you the appearance of traditional and Asian specialties.

Calligraphy and writing style his best way to glam up the symbol tattoo is by using the Chinese calligraphy. Aesthetic calligraphy is written in the style of handwriting. It is an art which is very popular in China. There are five forms of writing (the script) for the tattoo design. They include seal script, run the script, cursive script, regular script and execute the script. For example, you can get your Chinese character written in the cursive style (like David Beckham). The result is fantastic. More people are turning to custom calligraphy design because they are timeless. They give you a sophisticated look and personalization. You must see them. Symbols calligraphy is a perfect mix of tradition and the cosmopolitanism.
Chinese tattoo your expression, you

Here, I suggested six ways customize your tattoos Chinese words you. Instead of following the trend of celebrities, focus on what you like and suitable for you. Follow your heart makes more sense that jumping blindly into the hottest styles. This is necessary for the permanent body decoration. You have to spend time looking and planning for your ink. There are no rules on what is appropriate and what is not. A tattoo is a personal, free and creative expression. Try to find something that complements your uniqueness.

Chinese symbols for practical ideas of tattoo

You should consult a professional to design a symbol of China. Also, the professional must be proficient in the Chinese translation. Online sources like tattoo fonts only provide points of pixels. In fact, the police are for computer applications, no body art. Similarly, the dictionary of the Chinese language does not give an exact translation. Talking with Chinese experts, the symbol is not an automatic generator of words. Experts give you practical ideas for a tattoo. The name generator offers a series of terms with explanations that are loose, or senses-senses less clarity.

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