The Most Tattooed Man: Gregory Paul McLaren

Do you know Gregory Paul McLauren? If you do not, do you probably know Lucky Diamond Rich?
Yes, Gregory Paul McLauren is more known as Lucky Diamond Rich, the World’s Most Tattooed Man.
He was born in New Zealand as Gregory Paul McLaren. He got his first tattoo when he was 16 years old, traveling with a circus.
His first tattoo is on his hips because he did not want her mom to know it.
But now, he has more than 200% coverage which includes the upper part of his ear canals, the soft skin between his toes, his eyelids.
Lucky Diamond Rich even has tattoos on his gums.
In some areas of his body, he even got 3 layers to 4 layers of ink.
This is the reason why he has more than 200% coverage on his body.

Lucky Diamond Rich – World’s Most Tattooed Man 
lets amazing tattoo artists from all over the world to tattoo his body.
Now that he has his entire body tattooed, he also sometimes tattoo other people as well.
He mentions that he loves the buzzing sound from the tattoo equipment.
Most of Lucky Diamond Rich’s tattoos are deep black.
But there are also some tattoos which are in white such as the word Karma that is tattooed across his throat.
It is found out that he had been tattooed by hundreds of tattoo artists for more than 1.000 hours.
Lately, he added a thick bio-mechanical sleeve which covers the ink that is already existing on his body.

Gregory Paul McLaren successfully holds his title as the world’s most tattooed man in the Guinness Book of World Record since 2006.
Besides being the most tattooed man, he is also an incredible street performer. As it is said before, this man had traveled with a circus before.
Lucky Diamond Rich shows some extreme performances and acts such as swallowing a sword and juggling while riding a unicycle.
So, it can be said that he is an extreme performer as well.
If you read an extreme performer article, it likely includes Lucky Diamond Rich. It is not much to call this man as a talented street performer.

Lucky Diamond Rich actually stole the title from Tom Leopard.
He said that, with all of the tattoos cover up his whole body, he is no
different from anyone else.
He just has to deal with the look and judge from other people about tattoo.