The Lady Lauren From Cardiff United Kingdom
Int. Tattooed Alternative Model

Enjoy this amazing top Tattoo Model who are the second in the line of 20 featured
models here on Mediazink.
With this tattoo model series we want to bring awareness of all the beautiful models
around the World.

See more of Lady Lauren´s photo´s here:

Last but not least

How did we choose the models for this series

The team behind Mediazink wanted to feature high end  tattoo models and
bring focus to an industry that really boom these years. You can´t miss to see
people with ink in the television commercials and on huge billboards around the World.

We had to find models from different part of the World and select photo´s from only 20
models out several hundreds to choose from.
It was a really tuff decision and took a little bit more time than expected but we hope
you like what you see and we hope you go in and show them your support.

Many thanks
Mediazink Team.