The Horror continues this morning

This is the 40th anniversary of Halloween celebrations.
So we have selected a range of different Horror photo´s from
various artists around the World.
All pieces has many things in common. They are all created by super
talented artists and the passion in the work can be seen in all the details of the art.

Enjoy these pieces, special selected for your eyes only.

The Horror continues
Photo by Nick Morte

Nick Morte is a Russian artist who has been working many years in Norway
and truly been fighting for his and fellow artists right to perform as an artist.
See more of Nick´s story here on Mediazink.
Simply search his name is the upper corner on this page.

The Horror continues
Photo by Bojan Djolic

Bojan is a Serbian artist with roots in Bulgaria.
He master the Black and Grey styles to the fullest.
In 2015 we showcased a little video from Bojan.
Take a view here:

The cover photo of this article is made by Bojan Djolic.