The History Of Our Poster Models

2019 Model:

WildCat, Germany:
Photo: Kamila Burzymowska, Poland:

Models or Tattoo Models as we like to call it has been a part of the world of tattooing
for decades.
MediaZink always aim to present a new international poster model each year and we really like the idéa of a Mediazink poster models giving them an extra chance to be shown and have a platform.
Every event and tattoo show we cover has a visible posters around the venues.

2018 Model:

Marcelina Bartnik, Poland:
Photo: Kamila Burzymowska, Poland:

2017 Model:
Sara-Melanie, Sweden:

2016 Model:
Bernadette Macias, USA:

2015 Model:
Elegy Ellem, Sweden:
Natalie G Sundling, Sweden:

More Tattoo models can be seen here at our website,
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